Mayors and other local rulers

There is of course no doubt that there are Mayors who have understood. The magnitude of their cultural potential and responsibility and function flawlessly.  At least as far as the conditions of the public machine allow them. But it seems that my own luck did not bring me to meet them. and public attendance. In short what should raise the price of a photo is the value given by. The beggars but also by each of us in the value of a photographer and not. The fictitious construction of a material scarcity created by the market which does not hesitate to include.

Thirdly in the direction of exploiting

But this does not mean that photography does Illustrator Art Work not have its own value as a service or even as an object or that I do not seek to sell it or that I am not happy when my own photos are hosted in the home or office of friends and acquaintances and even better third parties unknown. Secondly in the direction of the advertising promotion of the Municipality through showcase initiatives which offer a direct and measurable response. Thirdly in the direction of exploiting the funds that the central administration.

Illustrator Art Work

This aesthetic approach is characterized

Aesthetics of cities A space in which the Mayors’ perception Aleart News of culture is solemnly expressed is the aesthetics of cities but indirectly also of houses for which of course the responsibility lies mainly with urban planning three directions. Firstly from the arbitrariness of most mayors to make personal aesthetic interventions by filling. The boulevards with slabs of bathroom cabinets with inspection lampposts in the squares.

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