Be Mentioned (citations)

Provide a good reason for people to write about you. The more interesting a company is to the environment, the more you are ‘cited’ and the greater your authority becomes. You can subdivide the value of citations: co-citation and co-occurrence.


Co-citation is a magic word that is becoming increasingly important. Because two different websites talk about a company or share content from the company, a common bond is created between those websites at the same time. The commonality then consists of the relationship that the websites have with the company. Without the two websites ever having anything to do with each other before. Google picks up on these kinds of signals.


Co-occurrence refers to the actual content of content and the various search terms that appear in it. Google can make connections between different keywords that are separate but can be found in related content. Google can then more easily determine which keywords your company VP Administration Email Lists can best be found for. An easy example is a search combination like ‘buy chocolate with hazelnut’. Google can deduce from various content that ‘buy chocolate’ has something to do with your company, but also ‘hazelnut’.

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What can you do yourself to ensure that you get more citations ? A few tips:

  • Create good content that people find interesting
  • Provide news value with your content
  • Have a discussion. Be active on forums and message boards
  • Send press releases
  • Sometimes make something fun, remarkable, for example a funny video on YouTube

3. Get Reviewed

Getting reviews is an important form of trust building. Make sure that customers can post a comment about your company or initiative somewhere. Keep in mind that reviews can also be negative. More and more people determine the reliability of a company on the basis of reviews posted, according to research by Brightlocal . Getting reviews can be done in different places and in different ways.

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The most visible reviews for Google go through Google+. Sign up here with a company page. You can easily share reviews with your circles. In addition, reviews are visible in Google’s local search results and within Google Maps.

You can wait to get reviews, but it’s even better to take action to collect them yourself. For example, ask your current or old customers to post a comment. Or show on your own website that people can write a review. You can also pay attention to it every now and then on social media. The advantage of Google+ is that an account is not anonymous. There is a real company name or person behind it. This builds trust with customers and Google.