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Algorithms will match your content to the right searches. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool that will help you: search for keywords learn about the average monthly searches learn about keyword competition This way, you’ll know where you st with a particular keyword. You’ll be able to create a list of useful keywords. KWFinder Once you create your preliminary list of keywords, you should do some more research. It’s important that you underst how difficult your keyword is. So, if there are some major competitors ranking for the same keyword, it might be more than you can reach. source: kwfinder This is why you can use the KWFinder to find the right keyword for your meta description.

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It will help you learn about: keyword search volume PPC competition keyword difficulty score CPC cost This tool can help you choose the right keyword for your meta description ensure it helps you rank higher on Google. Yoast Yoast is one of the us WordPress plugins it’s great for helping you improve your SEO. That includes your on-page SEO writing List of Real Phone Numbers better meta descriptions. You can use this plugin to check your meta descriptions make adjustments following their instructions. Here’s what you can do with Yoast: create meta descriptions check what the snippet of a page will look like check your focus keyphrase use templates.

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Yoast will help you take it to the next level analyze different segments of the meta description. As a result, you’ll have an effective meta description that is ready to be publish. SEO Scout Whenever you’re creating new content for your target audience or potential customers, you ne to make sure you test it out before publishing. The same goes Aleart News for meta descriptions. You can have it all work out in your mind, but when you try applying it to your actual meta description copy, it fails to amaze you. This is why SEO Scout has a Google SERP Simulator. The simulator shows you what your page would look like in Google search results. That includes your meta description. by Pannakan Waraw attananon Leave a Comment.

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