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Dr. Carl Rehnborg physician chemist and industrialist created the California Vitamin Corporation in the United States in 1934. This one, which in 1939 became the Products Company, Inc. However, it was in 1941 that he created a variation on direct sales and applied this new business model to the management he was doing in his own venture. The process worked in the same direction, without intermediaries, but it paid on several levels. The Evolution of Multilevel Marketing is a remuneration model used to maintain. The sales force of products and services. Where the payment of commissions.

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In this sense the entrepreneur makes a profit by selling products and services and also by creating his own sales team. In this way, your billing will be proportional to the revenue generated by the sales made by the resellers that are part of your team. What are the main features? Multilevel marketing business model It is important to present some Oman Phone Number List characteristics of this business model so that you understand even more: He works with the sale of products or services Profit is proportional to effort generates a continuity Generate and collect taxes Has a money-back guarantee Investment in training Has practices regulated by the Code of Ethics It plays an important role in fostering new entrepreneurs. Multilevel Marketing vs Direct Marketing While in multilevel marketing the distributor can associate with other distributors and thus.

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There is a second remuneration on the part of the company, in direct marketing the remuneration paid by the company goes only to the distributor who sells to the final consumer. Multilevel Marketing vs Pyramid A very clear way to understand the difference between them is that when the profit comes from selling products or services, then you probably have multi-level marketing. However, if the profit comes from Aleart News recruiting people and doesn’t show any involvement with the product, it’s quite possible that it’s a pyramid scheme. Some characteristics of this business model that .You can use as a parameter to understand and identify it. The person who enters this model is paid for. The referral of other people and not for the sale of the product or service.

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