Netflix targets its audiences and gives away Full metal Alchemist watches

On other occasions, we have talked about what Netflix does to generate engagement, or the way in which it communicates with its audience. Recently, the VOD platform carried out a dynamic with Jordan Phone Number List the members of its community in Spanish for anime followers. As a contest, the Shōbu da! He asked his members to follow a dynamic related to the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

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The winners received a watch like the one of the protagonist, Edward Elric, along with the phrase “Congratulations Alchemist!”, Along with a “This certifies that you are a fan of Metal Alchemist”, along with a card with the Netflix brand.

These types of strategies for Mexico are not new to the platform.

The on-demand content platform published in July an acknowledgment “for successfully completing the season” of Luis Miguel’s series and “asserting” a certificate as “an expert in the life of ‘El Sol de México’”.

The “document” is signed by “Luis Miguel, the series Phone Number List” and is stamped with a caricature of Luis Miguel with a thumb up.

In 2016, it issued a receipt (in the style that doctors issue) so that users can enjoy their favorite series and justify some other delay or absence in their daily lives or plans with others.

This receipt has been launched under the slogan “Put a name and series, turn off the alarm and stop worrying about being late.” In addition, the paper affects that the person who makes use of this receipt has had very few hours of sleep, due to the marathon of Netflix series that has been stuck.

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Then, in 2017, through content on their Facebook account they published the photo of the document with which fans “can justify” their absence from work or school because they were watching the second season of Stranger Things.