Neuromarketing: 9 books you need to know. Your brain will thank you!

Do you know what neuromarketing is?
According to experts. Neuromarketing is a marketing practice that uses technology and scientific knowledge to measure the responses and brain activities of consumers when subjected to stimuli – be they visual. Sound or others – and that are related to products and services. .
The purpose of this practice is to collect data and information to improve products and services. Thus. It is also possible to create more effective and persuasive communication campaigns . In addition to satisfying consumers in a more assertive way.
Ufa! This definition is complex. Isn’t it?
It is precisely for you to delve into this topic more clearly. That we wrote this post. In it you will find a list of neuromarketing books that will bring you all the information you need to unravel its mysteries.
Good reading!
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Neuromarketing: books you need to read!

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That cover most of the doubts related to the topic.

Check out the reviews and choose a few to learn about this topic. So current and fascinating!
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1- the logic of consumption
martin lidstrom tackles neuromarketing Ivory Coast Phone Number  in a surprising and revealing book.
Its aim is to show readers what goes on behind neuromarketing research and studies. After all. How can you know the brain responses of consumers and analyze them?
For you to discover all this. Real cases are presented. In detail.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

Neuromarketing: book “ the logic of consumption ”
want to know more about this book? Then watch this video in which 2 marketers comment on the work:

2- the three minds of neuromarketing
there is a new consumer. With new habits and values. And among the neuromarketing books on our list. In this one. The author. Marcelo peruzzo. Uses three characters. The monkey. The princess and einstein. To explain how our brain’s reactions can define consumption behaviors. Including new behaviors.
Also know the technologies used for this.

Meuromarketing: book “ the three minds of neuromarketing ”
3- high impact negotiation with neuromarketing techniques: neurociation
with the intention of creating a neologism. Neurociation. Negotiation aided by neuromarketing. Phd newton rodrigues-lima uses simple language to show effective neuromarketing tactics to be used during negotiations.
The book helps you understand complex theories clearly. Allowing you to use them in practice.

Neuromarketing: book “ high impact negotiation with neuromarketing techniques: neurociation ”
4- neuromarketing: the new consumer behavior research
written by pedro de camargo. This work offers an overview of how to understand consumer behavior using neuromarketing techniques.
The book is divided into 4 parts that address: introduction to neuromarketing; biological aspects; new studies of economic behavior and the emergence of neuromarketing.

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One of the most complete neuromarketing books!

Neuromarketing: book “ neuromarketing: the new consumer behavior research ”
5- neuromarketing applied to advertising writing: discover how to reach your consumer’s subconscious
another book on neuromarketing with a focus on a specific area. The work of lilian s. Gonçalves shows that this scientific technique can be of great help to advertising writers.
Discover the latest innovations in the field and how to use them to persuade your customers!

Neuromarketing: book “ neuromarketing applied to advertising writing: discover how to reach your consumer’s subconscious ”
6- neuropropaganda from a to z
now it’s antonio lavareda and joão paulo castro’s turn to unveil the secrets of how to use neuromarketing in advertising.
By reading this book. You will discover how to make your advertising campaigns much more accurate and efficient. The reading is useful for both lay people and connoisseurs of the subject looking for a reference guide.

Neuromarketing: book “ neuropropaganda from a to z ”
7- neuromarketing explains: why you buy
rubens sant’anna masterfully addresses the details of neuromarketing and how it helps to understand the reasons that lead us to consume.
It is surprising to discover how many of our decisions are very little – or nothing! – rational and how emotions and the unconscious can lead us to consumer attitudes different from what we imagined.

Neuromarketing: book “ neuromarketing explains: why you buy ”
8- neuromarketing: the marketing of emotions
the best selling neuromarketing book in brazil could not be left out of our list!
In it. Werner a. Görlich shows how the concepts of psychology. Neurology and physiology are integrated to determine human behavior.
With the help of these three elements.

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