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To archive Instagram. But is it safe enough? Is there a story that the girl archiv the messages and then they were stolen and publish as compromising information? No, it. If you click Archive , the posts will not be view by anyone other than the profile owner. Loss is possible only in case of hacking, but this is clearly not the result of using the stash . How to add a post to the Instagram archive You will ne the latest version of the Instagram mobile app you can download and install it for free on both Android and iOS.

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Go to your profile and click the menu button in the top right corner of the screen. In the menu, click the button History archive. The select post will be sent to the Instagram archive. To access the hidden message. Return to your profile and Germany Phone Number List click on the clock icon in the upper right corner of the screen. How to View Another Person’s Instagram Stories Archive All stories older than one day are plac in a special archive Stories Archive. This is easy to see at home in the profile we click left, top on the clock face icon, the list of stories disappears and the order will be chronological from latest to previous.

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For other Instagram users, old Instagram stories can be view if they have been add to the current one, and for those that you follow, we look at the fe from above, click on the avatar circle with ‘ image where the story will automatically be there if Aleart News you ne to scroll. If you want to make everything anonymous, you can add another one you can attach up to to your phone , create an Instagram account, Market. Let’s go through the steps Step After installing the application on your smartphone, open the social network and select the desir item. Click on the three dots locat at the top right above the message and select Share.

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