New consumer darling wine becomes a trend

With the increase in consumption in 2020 and 2021, wine becomes even more a trend in the brazilian market. In 2022, the expectation is no different, and the sector should continue investing to win the taste of brazilians. According to research carried out by wine intelligence, brazil today has twice as many wine consumers as it did in 2010, with a penetration of wine consumption among the adult population of about 36%, a proportion similar to the usa, but about half of mature european markets. Pause unmute current time 0:15 / duration 0:30 fullscreen brazil is classified as a growing wine market. The country has climbed 12 places in the last year. Being ranked as the 14th most attractive wine market by. The wine intelligence global compass classification.

Award Winning and Exclusive Wines

The study also indicates that the monthly wine consumption population in brazil jumped to more than 50 million adults in 2021, driven by a growing public behavior change. In 2020, there were 39 million regular Macedonia Phone Number List consumers of the drink (at least once a month). A growth of 30%. The research also points out that the growth is due to the new adepts of the drink, who began to adopt wine on a daily basis. The types of wine, reds are the national preference with 92% of wines consumed, followed by whites with 45%, but rosés are the ones that grow the most with 30% in 2021. Among the grapes, malbec (45%), cabernet sauvignon (44%) and merlot (44%) are the most consumed.

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A Trend That Transcends Other Categories

Imported wines represent 34% of the share of consumption in the country and chilean wines are the leaders in the preference of brazilians among imported wines. Data from ideal consulting indicate that last year alone, 489.4 million liters were sold in the country. Surfing the Aleart News wave of consumers, brands seek to bring more news to the public that has become consolidated. The increase in consumption also brings opportunities for brands and new products to the market. In 2021, the santa rita wines group expanded its presence in the brazilian market with the entry of new labels, including cabernario .

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