New Filtering Has Been Introduced In Google Images

Meta tags have up to characters. Structure data has been expand with new ones for example, for job offers and for the science dataset . Symbols and emoticons appear in the SERP. Google has stop recommending escape fragments and will stop using them completely next year. Fake news began to be regulate in a certain way. Penalties are given for structure data. Feature snippets answer other questions. Links from widgets have been penalize. And a new recommendation for SEO magazines with a page behind a paid gateway has been release. And what did Seznam manage in.

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Faster and thus shortens the entire page processing process . The new sitemap file size limit is MB . New relevance for Obzář thanks to the processing of image data by neural networks. Searching is cleaner, clearer and faster and without screenshots . He start displaying medallions of politicians with truth scores for statements. And releas a EL Salvador Phone Number List new List of Webmaster Tools . Buzzwords or marketing dictionary for Even in the next year, SEO will not die. Get ready to hear traditional buzzwords again like mobile and local SEO, big data, content is king, site speed optimization and you will have to focus on users.

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AI and voice search are on the rise, and experts predict a bright future for the new buzzword visual search . SEO Trends in SEO that you should not miss Since some trends have become a bit hackneyed and it would not be very visionary to predict, for example, the boom in content marketing for , I tried to focus on trends that are not often talked Aleart News about, but could be hot topics of SEO discussions next year. SEO will affect search without clicking , which is related to this year s increase in featured snippets for this year, their display in search results increased by an average of , in some segments even by . It will be necessary to change not only the mindset, but also the procedures, e.g. when defining the potential of organic traffic.

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