New search reports in Google Webmaster Tools

Google has just announced the launch of the new search reports in Google Webmaster Tools , which will allow us to obtain high-interest data on the visits that come to us from the search engine.

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Google has improved the “Search Queries” report of the Webmaster tools, one of the most used features of the tool. Now we can drill down and filter the search data precisely.

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One of the most interesting filters allows you to separate organic visits from mobile devices.In this 哥斯达黎加电话号码表 way we can see if the latest Google update (which penalizes websites not adapted to mobile phones) has affected our website.

Here it shows the SEO traffic of the blog for the last 30 days, differentiating between desktop and mobile visits, without taking tablet visits into account.

The tool tells us when the algorithm was updated.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.45.24

Another novelty is the filter by country, which will allow us to differentiate the traffic based on its origin.

The tool maintains previous elements such as knowing the number of impressions and its CTR , this last element increasingly important to position a web page, as it is an indicator of quality.

And, of course, knowing by what keywords our potential customers find us .

With this update, Google offers us much more precise data that allows us to deeply inspect the 警报消息 data of organic visits, helping us make the best decisions to increase the performance of our website or blog.

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How about? Have you tried it? If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you can try it here .

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