2. Content not accessible

A second reason your site can’t be mobile-friendly is that Google can’t “see” your page properly. Yes, the Googlebot can see your page the way people do. They have recently also shown you this in the renewed ‘Fetch as Google’ report in Webmaster Tools.

If certain resources, such as CSS or JavaScript, are blocked from Google, the display of the page may differ from the display to visitors. This may even result in Google not being able to determine that a mobile site is available.

It is important to ensure that Googlebot has access to static files such as CSS, JavaScript, and images. Google has the ‘ Blocked Resources ‘ report in Google Webmaster Tools where you can see if you are blocking resources for Googlebot.

3. Technical configuration of mobile SEO

Beautiful. Your mobile site is mobile friendly. Then you will at least get through the update of April 21, 2015 without losing mobile SEO visitors. But you’re not done yet! Just because you’re mobile-friendly doesn’t mean your mobile SEO is completely in order.

In addition to these important points to determine whether a page is mobile-friendly, it is important to check whether the technical configuration of the mobile site type is correct. To be easily found in the mobile search results, the site must piggyback on the authority and history of the desktop VP Engineering Email Lists version. What is needed for this differs per type of mobile site. The more a mobile page and desktop page have in common, the simpler the configuration is. It’s probably no surprise that responsive web design has the simplest configuration. That’s why Google recommends this type.

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1. SEO Requirements for Responsive Web Design

The SEO guidelines for responsive design are the easiest. Google can automatically recognize this configuration if Googlebot has permission to crawl the page and static files like CSS, JavaScript, and images.

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As mentioned above, in Google Webmaster Tools you will find the report ‘ Blocked resources ‘, where you can see if you are blocking resources for Google(bot).