Novartis and Pfizer cobranding to enter a lucrative market

According to a Reuters report , the laboratory firms Novartis AG as well as Pfizer Inc joined with the aim of developing drugs to combat a liver disease that, according to many companies in the sector Belarus Phone Number List, will create an extremely lucrative market, since it is related to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

According to the agency, both pharmaceutical companies announced the collaboration to develop combined therapies with drugs in which they have been working separately in order to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH, for its acronym in English).

Although it is not a well-known disease, this disease is progressive to fatty liver, which does not have approved treatments, it could become the main cause of transplants of this organ by 2020.

NASH, Reuters reports , is closely related to obesity and diabetes, it is becoming a major health problem worldwide Phone Number List, especially among the population with diets based on fatty foods. If left unchecked, it can lead to advanced cirrhosis and liver failure.

As such, drug manufacturers such as Pfizer, Novartis, Giled Sciences Inc and Allergan PLC see a potential market of between $ 20 and 35 billion, according to various estimates, as a source of future growth.

Multiple small companies have focused on treatments to combat NASH and are far ahead in their efforts against Pfizer and Novartis including Intercept Pharmaceuticals and Genfit.

The agency maintains that while the results have shown that increased physical activity and altered dietary patterns can be a first line of defense against disease. Eric Hughes, who leads Novartis’s hepatology development program, has seen first-hand the need for more pharmaceutical options.

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