Because Reporting is Now Done

Because of the above, the impact of a slow website, through the consequences on the search engine ranking and user experience, also affects the operating result.

Within Google Analytics

  • Ads within Google Adwords that refer to slow landing pages will have a lower Quality Score. Due to that lower quality score, the click price is higher to maintain the same position within the search results. As a result, fewer visitors can be purchased for the same budget.
  • In addition, the lower organic position (due to a slow website) leads to less traffic via the organic search results.
  • On the website itself, a slow loading speed can lead to fewer conversions on the goals of the website. For example, Shopzilla has achieved 7-12% more turnover by making the website faster and has also been able to save 50% in costs on their servers. KISSmetrics has researched that in general a second delay leads to a 7% drop in the final conversion.
  • In a recent project for a large non-profit organization in the Netherlands, User Intelligence confirmed the above findings . Analysis showed that a longer loading time indeed leads to a higher bounce and less conversion.

In short, the speed of the VP Maintenance Email Lists website has a clear influence on the operating result and is therefore an aspect to take into account. But how do you do that?

VP Maintenance Email Lists

What Now?

It all starts with insight into the current loading time of the website as a starting point for an optimization process. This loading time can be found by numerous tools, including the Google Webmaster Tool . This tool used to only show an average loading time of the entire website. This is obviously the first number you look at, because it gives a good first impression. However, even if the average load time isn’t a problem, you still can’t rule out the possibility that there are individual pages that are way too slow.

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