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Choose the correct date Dashboard display date the start-end date of the campaign Search Ads not working Choosing the correct date is the basic thing to check first. It can be said that this is the first reason that I want to write about. Because it is by people who advertise themselves. It seems like a bad joke that Search Ads doesn’t work, doesn’t run, doesn’t cost money, but it’s a very simple fix that suggests every time it shows up on the dashboard. Instead, focus on choosing the date before. because if we choose the wrong date It is very common that advertising results are not display. or cause the display of results to be distort from reality Another option is to choose a date time.

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Start end of the campaign I must say that the start date cannot be modifi. But the end date of the campaign can be modifi at your convenience. including using the same campaign extending the period But the problem that I have. Encounter  is that the start date is set wrong. It’s not wrong on the day. but wrong month For. Example, want to Russia Phone Number List start on. October turn it into true, start on November 1, so when it’s October 1, we come back check what the results are. The results were not display. (Even if choosing the correct date display in the dashboard doesn’t help this one.

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It is recommend that you check the date carefully beforeh. Increase ROAS for our E-Commerce website with a simple technique that anyone can do. select keyword a simple way to segment Keywords for use with SEM Analyze Search Ads for Aleart News Google Ads, what is good or bad? A collection of questions that many people are curious about. How to sell FMCG products on E-Commerce Platform, both Shopee Lazada to be worthwhile? How to Bidding LINE Ads Platform for Conversions is easy to underst, explains every step. Search Ads doesn’t work, doesn’t run, doesn’t spend money because you forgot to add ads or forgot to create ads.

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