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In the “Audience” section there are corresponding indicators. Change. You must underst that cheating, in fact, does not bring any benefit. But if you have some kind of audience it is not enough before the promotion, you can end it. How to get to the top The social network does not disclose the mechanisms for restarting. Therefore, all we can do is allow ourselves to be guid by our own experience the experience of others. In fact, you should get us to it analyzing your work your competitive one allows you to learn a lot without making fatal mistakes. How does Instagram generate TOP posts? Instagram creates a separate TOP for each hashtag geographic designation.

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The classification algorithm is as follows Instagram ranks all posts bas on a specific hashtag. Choose the most suitable. For example, if the hashtag is cat, the image should be a cat. Among the most relevant publications, those that receive the maximum Thailand Phone Number List activity in the shortest possible time are select. Activities are consider Long views Read the text under the photo Screenshot of the publication Save the post as a favorite Reissues Comments Like it. All this is calculat using an unknown formula that takes into account the number of impressions, activity the number of subscribers.

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The publication receives a coefficient that determines the position in the popular. What determines the duration of a publication in the TOP on Instagram? From the competition. The higher it is, the smaller the post will be in the fe. Competition Aleart News in this case is the number of publications for a particular hashtag. There may be , or maybe or more. The same principle is in the TOP publications by geo. How to get to the top on Instagram? Post the most relevant posts. Mark publications with all the necessary hashtags the more there are, the more chances there are to get into the TOP of at least some. What affects the issuance of.

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