Online Education Competitive Analysis: Tencent Classroom VS NetEase Cloud Classroom

Starting from the mobile terminal, this article compares and analyzes two popular online education platform software: Tencent Classroom and NetEase Cloud Classroom. It mainly includes several aspects: product positioning, target users, product data, functional structure and operation promotion.

First, the purpose

As the number of international students returning to China gradually increases and the proportion is relatively stable, the demand for employment in China increases. However, according to data, they are generally unfamiliar with the domestic employment environment, so they lack specific career plans. Compared with domestic graduate students, they lack domestic internships. Experience, professional ability is not strong enough.

In many industries, international students have a
strong willingness to seek employment in Internet companies. Therefore, international students are eager to improve their employment competitiveness through the improvement Thailand Phone Number of professional skills. Based on this, with the core purpose of “providing professional pre-vocational education for international students”, Zhiguigui has created a complete online pre-vocational teaching system; in order not to be eliminated, increase online traffic, find product drawbacks and explore more profitability , this paper makes a detailed analysis here.

Development History of Online Education

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With the advent of the Internet in China in the 1990s, online education products were also born at that time. With the development of communication technologies such as the Internet and mobile Internet, new ways of playing online education products began to appear.

China’s online education products have roughly gone through the budding stage (late 1990s-2005), the exploration stage (2006-2012), the growth stage (2013-2017) to the initial maturity (2018-present) stable development stage. Among them, in the middle of 2017, due to the emergence of new content dissemination methods such as live broadcasts and short videos, online education products have also begun to actively explore, and gradually become monetized accordingly. At the same time, the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence in online education products has also It increases the interest of the product. From a marketing point of view, this will also become one of the channels and selling points for online education product advertising.

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