Outback bets on new flavors and launches

Outback lovers will be able to delight and miss one of the restaurant’s biggest hits: fondue outback. But for this edition, the brand brings two totally bold and unprecedented flavors. The new outback fondue 5 cheeses . Which has a special mix of famous cheeses and the new outback brigadeiro fondue (r$84.90 in the restaurant and r$89.90 in the delivery), totally outbacked and unique. With a light touch of paprika that highlights the chocolate flavor. In addition to the combo, with both flavors together. Which can be found in the restaurant and delivery for r$ 189,90. The season’s favorites are served on the chain’s traditional australian bread, which once again takes on the shape of a bowl, and comes with delicious new side dishes.

Fondue Outback into a Great Reason

This is the fourth edition of fondue outback, which is always a hit in our restaurants. This year, we present completely reformulated recipes and new flavors, maintaining quality and reinforcing our communication of freshness at the table with real food every day”, explains renata lamarco, marketing director at bloomin’ brands, the group that owns Luxembourg Phone Number List outback steakhouse. Pause unmute current time 0:27 / duration 0:30 fullscreen the savory fondue comes in a new version with five cheeses such as emmenthal. Blue cheese, Cheddar, Gouda and mozzarella. With five side dishes for all tastes and styles. They are: cubed filet mignon. Barbecue grilled chicken pieces. Breaded prawns. In addition to the new barbecue ribs (barbecue grilled pork rib bites) and homemade golden potatoes. Which are delicious baked potatoes with a homemade touch.

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The Meetings with the People We Love Happen

The sweet version is a creamy brigadeiro with a light touch of paprika – which guarantees the outback flavor and also highlights the chocolate -, finished with sprinkles. In the side dishes are the tasty pieces of brownie thunder, strawberries and fresh grapes, in addition to the two Aleart News novelties that promise to make outback lovers even more passionate: cookie bites and crunchy mini churros. The news is available in restaurants and delivery via ifood for a limited time and while stocks last. Less ‘bora score’ and more fondue outback. with a campaign aimed at exploring a very brazilian habit of frequently saying ‘let’s book’, but never booking anything, the new fondue outback arrives to help take these meetings out of the realm of imagination and encourage the public to on the expression “it’s time to make it happen.