Outbound and Inbound marketing how to

Its main objective is to change the traditional order of buying and selling, where the company makes the offer and the consumer buys through it. Inbound focuses on winning, literally, the customer for their desire for the brand or solution. Through relevant and personalized content, he maintains close contact with the lead. However, for this strategy to have positive results, it is essential to understand the market in which you operate and which personas pains your business will solve. Think, how can your company produce relevant content without actually knowing your persona.

Inbound Marketing Attraction Points

Leading this lead needs to take him from a point of discovery on the topic to consideration of a purchase for your product or service. As Inbound Marketing allows an automated journey, this path from the beginning of the funnel to the moment of purchase is fluid without human interference. The commercial will only go into action at the end of the Denmark Phone Number List funnel, where there  will be a negotiation. So, so far we already have two very important steps in this strategy: the definition of the persona and the content relevant to them. Now, it is essential to define which channels, media your persona is on and how your attraction will be done. Inbound Marketing Attraction Points Social networks, blogs, institutional sites, research sites these are some of the points that attract leads.

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But then what are the main differences

The objective is to capture your persona and lead it to the purchase journey created. For this, it is essential that she makes a conversion, that is, gives her contacts to you. So, in addition to creating relevant content and defining promotion channels, you need to have conversion points. In Inbound Marketing, the most common strategies are forms or Landing Pages that turn your Aleart News visitors into leads. With these contacts defined. The nurturing stage begins constant contact with the lead to lead. Argue and persuade them to purchase your product or service.

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