3. ABC & Outbound Links

You will undoubtedly have noticed that a large part of the rankings are determine/influenced by your link profile. This means that Google looks at the number of inbound links to your website and the number of outbound links and their quality. If you don’t handle this in the right way, it can negatively affect your position. For example, it is not wise to collect so-call ABC links. An abc link looks like this:

When building authority, the neighborhood in which your website is locate is very important. The inbound links only really become valuable when they come from relevant websites. It can therefore also be wise to link to relevant websites, but a pitfall can arise there. Linking to websites with poor authority will also negatively affect your ranking.

4. Duplicate content

The quality of the content that can be found on your website determines to a relatively large extent the position of your website within the search engine. The quality of this content is not only determine by the content (for example keywords), but also by the HR Directors Email Lists originality. It is therefore important to ensure that there are no duplicate texts (duplicate content) on your website. It is also important that titles and  meta descriptions are unique. It is therefore not wise to copy texts from other websites, because that can also count as “duplicate content”. Therefore, always write unique and original content!

HR Directors Email Lists

5. Images, flash elements and other nonsense

One of the spearheads that Google has had in recent years (and still) is the speed of websites. It is very pleasant for the user if the website being lande on is immediately visible. No user is waiting for a website where it takes a long time before all content is loade. The use of large/heavy images, flash elements and, for example, videos can seriously increase the loading time of a page. This can negatively affect your position within the search engine. It is by no means always the case, but it is wise to investigate this thoroughly and implement it in the right way. An image can be save in different ways and the different formats can already cause a big difference in loading time.

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