Overcoming the threshold of marketing effectiveness: co-creation

I often see companies backing down or giving up marketing efforts in the uncertainty as to whether the corresponding investment will pay off. When resources are scarce risk aversion becomes extreme. You may find yourself in this situation. In this post I offer you a strategy to solve it. When you talk about fruits, you usually think about sales. Short-termism and looking at today without looking up to tomorrow is another of the negative and terrible consequences of being very fair. Because it is true that in Germany Mobile Database marketing the results are not always tangible, but a sale is never the result of the commercial action carried out at the time, and the environment created to make it come true is the result of a lot of effort and investment. If we don’t reach the minimum, we waste money A very important percentage of the marketing investments that we must make cannot be accounted for or assigned to specific results. Even so, it is essential that we carry out these actions for a healthy development of our company.

Otherwise, we will walk the tightrope depending on our current clients generating sufficient income, and with significant difficulties in obtaining new business. A situation to avoid by all means. On the other hand, it is also true that a minimum investment is necessary for our marketing actions to give results, if we stay below we are practically wasting money. What happens then when you don’t have the resources to execute the actions you need to reinforce your brand, interact with your potential clients, and reinforce their trust in your company? An alternative is to partner with other companies to carry out joint actions. We can ally ourselves with complementary companies, with clients, with suppliers, and even with our competition. It is possible that you alone cannot, or do not want, to bear the expense of organizing an event of a certain weight, but what if you join forces with 2 other companies to have to bear only a third of the expense?

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6 benefits of co-creation in marketing The use of co-creation in marketing can give very satisfactory results. These are some of the benefits that we can find: 1.- More creativity. The moment you integrate new visions into the design, new ideas also emerge. 2.- Actions with reduced risk. The risk that our action falls below the threshold of effectiveness will be greatly reduced. 3.- The impact multiplies. All the participating companies use their means to obtain the maximum effectiveness of the action. 4.- The result is more striking. By having more budget we can access better resources Brother Cell Phone List. For example a more attractive event room. 5.- The links between the participating companies are reinforced. The very collaboration between several companies is possible that is the germ of new businesses between them. 6.- It’s fun. We will surely enjoy the work more, and this can only bring positive things. An example of co-creation in marketing is the preparation of the 2014 Sales and Marketing Yearbook in my company .

In the Yearbook I carry out an analysis of the most relevant marketing topics of 2014 and with more projection in 2015. Articles by several collaborating authors are included in addition to my own, selected from those that reached the most diffusion in Puro Marketing and those included in several months in the top 10 of the Marketing Blogosphere Observatory. The Yearbook includes a good number of invited advertisers. Both invited authors and advertisers are using their own means to disseminate the Yearbook, which is available online and has a small print run co-financed by several of the participating companies. When alone we are not strong enough, the ideal is to look for friends. In marketing too. Have you already carried out any marketing action in collaboration with other companies?

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