Own affiliate network – ideal marketing for low-priced products

First, the face-to-face sales teams stopped being effective, we switched to the telephone ones and they also ended up losing their effectiveness; the market impregnated by competition, potential clients increasingly expert and immune to traditional marketing tools, and a battered economy, force us to use new strategies. One of them may be the incorporation of collectors to commercial equipment. I bet this is one of the topics that occupies you the most. Well, commercials go 100% on commission, right? Another trend is the incorporation of external marketing resources, which can range from mere prescription, complete sale Ivory-Coast Mobile Database, and even become the visible brand of the product they sell. In my article Keys to creating a commission sales network, I discuss the opportunity and conditions to implement different types of external sales networks.

Under certain conditions, incorporating external commercial resources on commission may be a good idea; The fundamental part is to offer very attractive conditions to these partners. We must also demonstrate that these conditions are true, provide the necessary sales resources, and guarantee a level of income proportional to the effort we ask for. What if my product is low priced? Many businesses, particularly on the Internet, are based on a large number of small incomes. We can see a multiplicity of services for a few euros, both one-off and recurring. Under these conditions, the creation of an external sales network may not be viable, since our partners would have to make an uncertain investment in the long term to see their commercial effort rewarded.

Creating affiliate networks can be an effective solution in these cases. We can remunerate our affiliate network as we see fit. Surely you are thinking of remunerating for sales. However, we do not necessarily have to restrict ourselves to this option and it will depend on our objective to use other alternatives, such as paying visibility or generating contacts. 2 alternatives to using affiliate networks We basically have 2 alternatives to implement affiliate agreements in our business model: use one of the existing affiliate platforms or create our own affiliate network Brother Cell Phone List. The most direct may apparently be to use a platform known in the market. I have the advantage that the model is already built and affiliates enjoy a number of resources, such as tracking statistics, or a remuneration system with an already established trust.

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As disadvantages we could mention the minimum cost of use that some of them have, and above all that these platforms do not guarantee that their affiliate base will be interested in our campaigns, especially if we do not enjoy an already recognized brand. Additionally, it is necessary to do a strict quality control on the media that affiliates use to guarantee that we want our brand in them. Affiliates may advertise to us in low-quality media or media that are contrary to our company values. A highly interesting alternative is to invest in developing our own affiliate network. This option will require us to start a small investment in the implementation of the technology necessary to assign success and the corresponding remuneration to each affiliate.

The development of this own network of affiliates will require commercial management, which we can execute ourselves or outsource at very reasonable costs. It is not about selling, but about reaching affiliate agreements with media related to our product, something remarkably simpler. 4 Advantages of creating your own affiliate network The investment made in creating your own affiliate network offers several important advantages: We can better control the quality of our affiliate network, selecting the characteristics of the media with which we are interested in collaborating We do not depend on an external platform and we save these possible costs, we are making an investment that accumulates over time.

3.- We establish a closer relationship with the affiliates, which can bring us added benefits, such as a greater bond with our brand, and therefore a treatment of greater affection We carry out a marketing action, since the affiliates themselves can become our clients or prescribe our brand Developing our own affiliate network requires a small initial investment, but the selection of the appropriate media for our product and the establishment of much closer links, which will generate significant tangential benefits, has as great advantages.

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