Page Rank Is Dead, Now What?

Two years ago I hastily reported the death of Page Rank , but after a few days he was resurrected. Now yes, the PageRank is no longer visible to users.

We will see how it can affect us and the reasons for this announced death, with my own controversial conjectures.

Ah! And I will explain a tool with which you can measure the authority of a website reliably.PageRank has died

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What is or was PageRank?
In this previous post you can find extended and detailed information [vc_icon icon = »arrow-right» color = »text» size = »tiny» with_circle = »0 ″ link =» »external =» 0 ″] Extended information about the Page Rank

In summary and simplifying : The PR is a Google Ranking system created to measure the 保加利亚电话号码表 authority of a web page, based on the quantity and quality of links that point to it.

Years ago an important indicator in SEO aspects, but one that has been losing weight and meaning. Many still used this indicator to economically value a website or to sell sponsored links or articles.

What happened?
Well, it is no longer visible to the general public. According to Google, it will continue to be one of the many factors that it will use to measure the weight and importance of a website, but it will no longer be accessible. Do n’t worry , in practice this will not affect you in any way.

What do I think happened?
Google is lately determined to improve security on the Internet, with a special emphasis on using an SSL certificate .

In fact, this month of May is being extremely hard, suspending Google Merchant (Shopping) campaigns to accounts that do not have SSL on their website.

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Hmm… what do you mean?
If a domain, for example, installs an SSL, it looks like this: http s : //

Yeah, yeah … But what does SSL certificates have to do with PageRank?

If the domain PR in http was 4, when changing to https it would go to 0, since the web address undergoes a modification. And I think there is a good mass of web owners that this stopped them from installing a security certificate.

I think that the fact that Page Rank no longer makes sense together with the mentioned factor has led Google to give the final blow to what had been one of the main Ranking factors, they have found the perfect excuse.

Why is Google so interested in web security? What do you think?

Here is an article from 2014 with interesting and totally related information.

SEO AND HTTPS: New factor to position yourself in Google

If we make HTTPD a secure ranking factor that everyone will install it right?
Today Marius Russell has 警报消息 discovered a spectacular and in-depth SEO Positioning article / study for me. It is an article in English:

We’ve analyzed 1 million search results, here’s what we’ve learned

What is one of your claims?

“HTTPS had a reasonably strong correlation with first page Google rankings. This wasn’t surprising as Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking signal ”

What do you think about this matter? Will you install an SSL certificate? It seems that there is no other, especially if you are an eCommerce or live from your website.

Well, we continue with the thread of the post. Interested in a tool to measure the authority and strength of a website?

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MOZBAR – Domain and Page Authority
Moz is a company that offers online Marketing services and solutions, which at the time created a tool that allows you to visualize 2 concepts related to the strength of a web page, with a proprietary data calculation / interpretation system:

DA and PA from

  1. Domain Authority: DA is a metric that allows predicting the authority or prestige of a web page. It ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the maximum possible authority. This, in theory, allows us to know the potential of a web page when it comes to positioning itself in search engines.

For example, a sports store with a DA of 40 would have more potential than one with a DA 2.

  1. Page Authority: The PA. A domain has many internal pages, and one of them may have a much higher AP than another. This is because it possibly has a very strong link from another website that mentions it. Theoretically this page would have a higher ranking potential. Following the previous example, it could be a page that linked by a portal as strong as

How can I see these indicators?

Visiting the Moz OpenSiteExplorer tool or installing this handy extension for Google Chrome

DA and PA
MOZBAR extension for Google Chrome
The tool provides, apart from the commented indicators, other things that are more than interesting … but I will leave it here today.

Did you know the DA and PA? What DA do you wear? ?

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