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Most of the time, we often encounter this type of advertisement. mainly on roid mobile phones Because every application on Google Play is partner with Google itself. 5. What is Google Shopping Ads? Google Shopping Ads Google. Shopping Ads is an advertising format that focuses on showing products prices to users on the search the target audience to make quick purchases. This ad format is different from Google Search service in that it doesn’t require keyword selection because Google will collect information on the product page process it by itself. that which users should see our products But users who search will not find a single website of our products.

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Because the system will display products from various websites To help you compare make future purchase decisions 6. What is Google Remarketing? Remarketing is the process of displaying advertisements repeatly to users who have click on a website. Or have you ever click to view our products? As a result, they can see Armenia Phone Number List the ads of the business everywhere they can see them while on the internet. This encourages the target group to be aware of the product the br all the time. It gives them the opportunity to make good purchasing decisions.

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Even if they’ve been overlook Why Today’s. Businesses Rely on Google Ads In an era where the internet has become a part of our daily lives, Search Engine like Google is one of the platforms that has a huge number of users. maybe as many Aleart News as the popular social mia that has it all. For this reason, there have been a lot of agency companies that offer Google Ads services . Because this is seen as a powerful tool. That will help the business sector to reach the target group effectively can create many benefits as follows: How important is Google.

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