Be Transparent and Share Patient Experiences

We mentioned it just now: satisfied patients can become important ambassadors for your organization. Many patients like to be involved in the organization and willing to think along and contribute to your marketing.

By simply starting to collect patient experiences, you increase the relevance of your website and quickly develop shareable content. Our advice is not only to place those experiences on a separate page with all your experiences, but also to integrate them with other content about, for example, customers, treatments and pages about the organization.

Patient Privacy

What about the privacy of your patients? Our experience is that, if you ask nicely, patients are happy to share their experience, also for online publication. But of course always ask permission for publication and offer to publish under a fictitious name or just the first name. Of course VP Maintenance Email Lists you know best what suits the patients your organization treats. Because, unfortunately but true, it often makes a big difference whether a patient has received mental health treatment or physiotherapy for an injured knee.

VP Maintenance Email Lists

Tips to collect a lot of relevant patient experiences in a short time:

  • Are there patient experiences on the comparison sites? Post them on the site and link to the respective comparison site to collect more reviews.
  • Also a good start: the patient/client council is eager to share experiences.
  • Does your organization investigate patient satisfaction? There is a good chance that experiences have already been shared that you can use, under a fictitious name.
  • Ask followers on social media to email their experience.
  • Place a button on your site to make it easy for visitors to leave an experience immediately.
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What is your experience with these options?

Do you work as a marketing or communication professional in healthcare and do you have experience with these tools and possibilities? Share them in a comment below, we are curious! And do you have any questions about these tips? We would like to hear it!