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Plan your budget well before making Shopee Ads, Lazada Ads. Marketing, whether it’s Shopee Ads or Lazada Ads, must have a concise plan before we have a plan. How much budget do you want per month? how much are expect to return (Recommend to be plac according to reality Don’t expect too high or too much from reality.) When planning the first step, remember how many products we will sell on Shopee Ads or Lazada Ads, whether they are identical, similar, competing brs. Then look at the details of writing the Title Description of our products. how much detail Try to find out how well the first ads are written.

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We can improve the products we sell. Because than making Shopee Ads Lazada Ads, the section is titl (Title) product details. Description (Description) is very important because the cost per click will be low or high, whether it’s Search Ads or Discovery Ads, it has a lot of effect, so doing it well will help ruce your CPC cost per click as well. Choose the best Austria Phone Number List selling product SKU first. Choose from high prices Or products that are very profitable to make Shopee Ads Lazada Ads Make Shopee Ads Lazada Ads After The Storm (2018) SKU selection suggests that it should be a best seller first.

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Especially if our products are diverse. Or there are so many people don’t know what to choose first. I recommend that you choose a product that is our Hero Product, a product that sells well. Because advertising will help sell more. or to choose from high-pric products or a very profitable product. Really, both are different. But the high-pric Aleart News products will help the numbers that we can easily calculate, such as ROI (ROAS) or GMV (Gross Merchise Value), come out look worthwhile in marketing. But if it is a very profitable product It will look good in the back of the house. Earn more profits even with advertising. The more you do, the more you sell. Profit is still As we have said Adding products as a set or packing.

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