Percentage of Marketing Oriented Customers

This metric measures your marketing performance and shows you how you can better allocate resources to optimize customer acquisition. 2. Customer lifetime value (clv) customer lifecycle value (clv) is the estimated amount of money a person will spend over the course of their relationship with your company. In other words, it is the quantitative benefit of acquiring and keeping a given customer. This figure helps you determine how much you should spend on customer acquisition. It also reveals the value and longevity of your customer relationships at a higher level, so you can see if you’re focusing your efforts on the right audience.

Customer Lifetime Value

To calculate clv, multiply the average annual profit you make from customers by your average retention time per customer. Then subtract the customer acquisition cost (cac) to find your clv. For example, let’s say you Thailand Phone Number List make an average of $3,000 from your clients every year and they stick around for an average of two years. Multiply those two numbers to get $6,000 and then subtract your cac $1,000 for clv $5,000. This metric helps you figure out how best to invest in existing customers to add value over time, as acquiring a new customer comes at a cost. 5x more than keeping an existing client .

Time to Recover Customer Acquisition Value

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Clv also helps to evaluate the quality of work with clients. For example, a high churn rate due to poor customer service will decrease your clv and your revenue. If your client’s lifecycle is shorter than expected, try to Aleart News determine why. Finding ways to improve clv – perhaps through resale, cross-sell and loyalty programs – is a clear path to sustainable growth. 3. Sales cycle length the length of the sales cycle is the average time between the time a lead is created and the time it closes.

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