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Beautiful avatar, description, and contacts increases the public’s trust in your company. This factor increases sales. Flaws You cannot create a. To re open , you ne to go from the company page to your personal account. Falling cover. It’s more than a myth the social network’s algorithm is shrinking the organic reach of commercial accounts. Messages are no longer includ in recommendations. There is no official confirmation of this information. Therefore, do not be afraid to link a business account. How to connect a business account step by step instructions So, in order to connect a business account on Instagram, you ne to log into your profile or create a new one.

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By default, everyone has a personal account type. To switch to a business account, do the following Step . Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner and select Settings > Account Settings > Accounts Step . At the bottom there will Australia Phone Number List be a button Switch to a professional account , click on it Switch to a professional account , Step n. . Instagram will tell you about the benefits of a business profile, click Continue all the time Learn about the benefits of a company profile Stepn.

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A window for selecting a category will appear. Click on it to see the recommend categories. If they don’t suit you, enter your version in the search box. Company profile category selection window The category has no effect. This is just another opportunity to show your audience who you are and what you do. If you wish, you can remove it by clicking Aleart News the button next to Show on Profile. After selecting a category, click Done Step n. . Now you ne to select the profile type Business or Author . Today they are no different from each other, professional tools are almost the same in both categories. create a live activity on Instagram.

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