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Can also lead that post. Can continue to advertise in Ad Manager, on behalf of the influencer itself, which usually results is much better than the br. In this way, it is consider that Influencer can be divid into Posts which page to manage, there is no ne to add advertiser to the page to increase the security of the page as well. Advantages of Paid Partnership The customer side can see all the statistics from that post. It’s something that agencies clients would love to see how the results we hir influencers. Even if there’s no spending for Ads at all, organic can be seen as well. However, when the client gets the results, they can be process whether this Influencer hire is good or not.

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If it’s really good, next time customers may hire the same Influencer or Influencer with similar content. Clients or agencies can also be promot for use as Ads in Ad Manager. For clients or agencies that do not rely solely on Organic, the creation of Ads Turkey Phone Number List in Ad Manager Meta is when the client receives a Paid Partnership. Correctly, it will be able to bring that content to promote as ne. Objective can be freely select. (I personally even convert from this channel.) The by-product is that the results are usually quite good, the cost per result is lower as a br page.

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Because basically people tend to trust influencers more than brs. Remarketing, retargeting target audience from that content. beyond that If we want a Remarketing audience, we can create from Post Paid Partnership, for example, from Aleart News people who have Engag with that post or people who have watch videos that are longer than 3 seconds or more, etc. As well, making this audience we can. Resend relevant ads Request access through the influencer’s page at the Advertiser level. Boost Influencer Ads Fantasy Isl (2020) This can be said to be very popular as well. Because in the past, before there was a Paid Partnership, there.

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