Prevent heart arrhythmias from an early age

An arrhythmia is a problem related to the rhythm of the heartbeat. If the heart rate is too slow (less than 50/60 beats per minute. It is called bradycardia if on the other hand. The heart beats very quickly more than 100 beats per minute. We have a tachycardia. In any of these situations. When the heart beats irregularly. The pumping of blood to the various parts of. The body may not be achieved, endangering vital organs such as the kidneys or the brain. Be on the lookout for signs. Palpitations, very irregular, very fast or very slow heartbeat, fatigue, vertigo, dizziness, irregular sweating, tiredness, shortness of breath and chest pain are some of the symptoms that can be associated with arrhythmias.

There Are Two Very Important Things

Other more serious manifestations are syncope (sudden loss of consciousness) or even sudden death. In view of the existence of some of the symptoms mentioned, it is essential to seek medical help so that the diagnosis is made through an evaluation of the clinical and family history and physical examination. Surveillance as prevention. The most effective form of prevention is to adopt healthy lifestyle Anhui Mobile Phone Number List behaviors from an early age: not smoking, controlling weight, having a balanced diet, avoiding stress, moderating the consumption of alcoholic beverages, practicing sports, monitoring and keeping blood pressure within normal values. blood pressure and cholesterol. Knowing your heart rhythm can be a very simple and easy method of detecting any irregularities in the heart rhythm, leading the patient to seek help from health professionals.

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What Kind of Diseases Are Caused

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