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How to paste URL under. Instagram photo If a user is interest in the question of how to post a link to a photo on Instagram, he tri to do this at least once, but nothing came of it. This is partly due to the fact that active URLs can only be enter in Bio.  could find information on the Internet that people use a special html code to get around this ban on a social network. But it soon became clear that this method did not work. But, despite this, you can cheat. To add more than one URL to your profile, use the. Iinktree service. With its help, subscribers will be able to quickly find goods or services on the Internet using url addresses attach to photos.

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This can be done with a small page that hosts one of the profiles in other social networks or in your online store. The URL can be enter in the description anyone can easily navigate to another site. Obtaining a link through a manual template You can also share a link to your Instagram account using manual methods. Write the address of the official Japan Phone Number List website of Instagram https add your nickname, which is unique, as a result you will get the same unique address for your page, which you can share with your friends colleagues https nik Making a mention of another user It doesn’t take much effort to reach out to someone.

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In order to mention a specific user in the comments, you just ne to know their profile name, which is written in the profile title. How to create a link on Instagram Once you know the account name, you can use the symbol to refer to a person by writing that name after the sign. Example example. This user will receive a notification that you have Aleart News tagg them. A similar system is us in the VKontakte social network, which I talk about in my article on VKontakte links. To mark a story, you can write similar text in the same way.

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