What is programmatic advertising and how to create your first campaign step by step?

Digital media has opened the doors to new forms of advertising that allow companies to connect exclusively with their target audience. And programmatic advertising campaigns are a great example of this.

Currently, advertising actions focus on impacting the brand’s target audience at the right time and place.

Companies want to launch completely targeted ads to their potential customers. And, thanks to ads in virtual worlds and the help of new technologies, corporations can not only segment their campaigns, but also optimize them and measure their effectiveness based on the data provided by the platforms.

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In this article we are going to see what programmatic advertising is, what it is used for and how to carry out a campaign step by step.

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What is programmatic advertising? Definition and main characteristics
programmatic advertising – or programmatic Georgia Phone Numbers advertising- consists of the automatic purchase of digital advertising spaces in real time backed by the help of big data and machine learning to impact only the target audience of the brand.

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These actions are based on the technology of programmatic. Algorithms that identify aspects in common between. The information provided by the advertising brand about its target. And the audiences of different digital media at a given time.

In this way, the process of programmatic advertising purchase is, in part, automatic thanks to real time bidding -bids in real time-.

Later, we will see in more depth how this system works. But first, let’s see more clearly how a programmatic advertising campaign works with an example.

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Imagine that you have a construction company that has focused on the sierra norte area of ​​madrid. As a brand, you have detected that your target audience is men and women over 30 years old with children who are looking to make the leap to owning their own home and who live within the community of madrid. Well, thanks to programmatic buying you can launch personalized advertising campaigns that only impact people who share those characteristics. And, in this way, you make sure to enhance the profitability of your actions in digital media.

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Programmatic buying vs. Online advertising
since the rise of the internet, the popularity of traditional advertising has been on the decline. It is true that these ads impact a greater number of people, but they also require a greater investment, indiscriminately impact audiences of all kinds and it is complex to calculate roi .

But what is the difference between conventional display advertising and programmatic buying?

Additionally, programmatic advertising is managed through ad exchange,