Rapper Drake’s Latest Video Is a Tribute to the Sports World

Laugh Now Cry Later” is the title of the latest single from Canadian rapper Drake. The song is not only an excellent sample of the best style that has made the artist famous, but it has also been accompanied by a video clip where Drake unleashes his passion for sports. However, it seems that there is also a disguised advertising towards the Nike brand.

From the first minutes of the video clip, it seems that Nike is the central character of the story when we see Drake heading to Nike’s headquarters in Oregon aboard a brand Serbia Email List new Mercedes-Payback 6 Cabriolet. Then we see him walk the aisles of the Nike Company Store. Anyway, the entire video seems to focus not only on the spirit of sports and competition but also seems to be a tribute to the brand of the popcorn, a cultural icon in the United States and the rest of the world.

Drake and his passion for sports
Drake shines playing football, rowing, shooting on a basketball court, and in the background appears the iconic wolf of the brand making a presence as the star of the product. On many occasions, the musician has been seen wearing Nike clothing.

Rumors have also been triggered that the rapper could sign a contract with the brand so that in 2021 some exclusive shoes of the singer will be released under the auspices of Nike, of course. This video clip could then be a kind of pre-launch of said merchandise. Admittedly, this is a fairly original way of doing it.

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Nike as part of American pop culture … and the world
Like Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald’s or Universal, Nike is already an indissoluble part of the pop culture aleart news of the United States. The brand not only sponsors many of the biggest teams from different sports disciplines around the world, but it has also appeared in series, movies and now music videos as a protagonist.

One of his stellar appearances was in the film Forrest Gump, starring the famous actor Tom Hanks. In it you can see a scene where the protagonist of the story wears some brand tennis shoes. There is also a very famous sequence where the character is dedicated to running and the brand begins to sponsor his action.

In addition to this, the brand has pioneered advertisements that have become a trend over the years. Especially those related to soccer, where we can mention many examples. Two of the most emblematic are the ad where a group of star players hold a match against demons.

Another of them is that of the former player of the Brazilian National Team and FC Barcelona, ​​Ronald, when they give him a try on a new model of soccer shoes. In the ad, the crack is dedicated to showing his ability with the ball.