Referral Marketing a strategy to put into

It can be a bit confusing with so many name possibilities – referral marketing. Word of mouth. Referral – but it is very simple to understand. It is nothing more than a person referring a company’s product or service to other people. Anyone who thinks that there are restrictions on the use of this strategy for a particular segment or type of company. For example. Is wrong. It can be carried out by b2b and b2c companies from all segments and activities. Later we will present many advantages that you have when using it in your business. But want an example that it really works? Here at adobe 80% of prospecting leads arrived through referrals! So i ask you: is there a way to put this strategy aside. Especially since it does not demand large costs? What types of referrals are there.

What is Referral Marketing

Women talking and laughing within referral marketing we can find 3 types that you can use in your business. We will explain them next. Internal referral marketing: it is practiced when managers and employees refer the company to people in their own circle of contacts external Netherlands Phone Number List and organic referral marketing: this one we can say is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Occurs when the customer is satisfied with your company’s products or services and starts to indicate their own network of contacts (acquaintances. Friends and family) external and paid referral marketing: this format has been gaining ground in the digital environment and occurs when the company finds a representative for the brand. Who has a connection with it and then establishes a partnership.

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Data from research and studies

In short we are talking about digital influencers. Here it is important to analyze this influencer in depth in order to know if he understands your product/service and if the audience he deals with is related to the customers you serve and want to serve. Why invest? We know that the Aleart News financial issue is often a decisive factor in whether or not to implement a strategy. So the good news is that referral marketing is a free strategy (except for one point we’ll talk about later). By having your customers as propagators of your brand. There is no need for investment. It’s a reliable strategy. As your customers’ opinions are passed on to other people. It may look like automation. But it’s not. Using this marketing. It is possible. Through your customers.