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Recently, Google launched its mobile update. Websites and shops that are not mobile-friendly will be penalized. This means that your site or shop will lower in Google’s search engine. On the other hand, shops that are mobile-friendly will rise in the mobile search results ( see also this checklist ). At many webshops we already see that the search volume on tablet and mobile exceeds the search volume on desktop. So don’t underestimate this update!

Bing also comes with mobile update

After Google, Bing now also says that they will soon come with a mobile update. This update will be rolled out in the coming months. This will most likely President Email Lists take place in the United States first. In the meantime, Bing has already experimented with showing the text “Mobile Friendly” when a user types in a certain search term (see the image below).

The first search result indicates that the Cars.com website is ‘mobile friendly’.

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The exact date is not disclosed by Bing, because the search engine first wants to hear the opinion of many visitors. Despite announcing a date, Google switched to this update from one moment to the next. Bing, in turn, wants to take calm and careful steps with this.

Non-mobile-friendly sites can still be found on Google

So far, Google’s mobile-friendly update hasn’t delivered the results that were thought of in advance ( see also this article on Frankwatching ). Google has said that non-mobile friendly shops will no longer be visible in the results when searching via mobile. This doesn’t seem quite right so far, as ‘big’ non-mobile-friendly sites are still easy to find. The image below makes this clear when a visitor enters the term ‘buy toys’ into Google.

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