Reveal details of the expected Dark Mode of WhatsApp

Sometimes it is right, other times it ends up generating annoyance in many of its users (blue popcorn, for example), the truth is that WhatsApp does not stop testing changes in the platform. Why? It is not new that we talk about the importance that messaging applications have acquired, just by the end of this year there will be more than 2.5 billion users of mobile messaging Ghana Phone Number List applications worldwide , according to projections by The Economist .

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And, although WhatsApp is the one with the highest penetration in the market with more than 1.3 billion users , the truth is that sometimes other apps have stood out for being more innovative or for offering a better user experience, Telegram, Line or WeChat are some of them.

This is something that Facebook frequently tries to compensate (remember that they have owned it for some years), especially for their insistence on exploiting the potential that the messenger has in marketing matters.

Hence, they work on updates and, in fact, recently some new functions were revealed that will arrive with version 2.18.100 for iOS devices that, as is usually the case, will also apply for Android in the coming days.

We talked about the new modality of rapid response , reactions for the States and, the one that attracted the most attention, the continuous reproduction of audio messages.

However, this new update for WhatsApp gave the opportunity for WABetainfo to find new functions that would come to the app Phone Number List, one of them that is expected by users: Dark Mode (or dark mode).

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The long-awaited Dark Mode
Although the site – known for analyzing WP APKs and revealing the changes in advance – clarifies that this might not be the final version, it was able to share some details of the preliminary design.

This is important because although there is no official date for the arrival of WhatsApp’s Dark Mode , being in a beta version, it means that it will not take long for it to reach smartphones.

Let us remember that the objective of the Dark Mode would be to help visibility in low-light scenarios, but mainly for smartphones with OLED screens to consume less battery, since dark tones require less energy in these types of devices.

If confirmed, WhatsApp would be following the steps of YouTube and other applications such as Amazon Kindle, Pocket, Twitter or Reddit that already have a similar modality.