Rogério Dias the bird artist

Rogério dias one of the most important contemporary artists from paraná. Was born in jacarezinho. Paraná. Almost at the same time that eugênio sigaud’s murals in the city’s cathedral were born. From the post-war generation. A period in which ideas were transformed into acts. Words and images. The revolutionary and irreverent artist chose birds to dialogue with reality. The experiences accumulated in his youth. As an actor and set designer in the 60’s. Graphic designer in the 60’s and 70’s. Associated with research with shapes and materials in sculpture. Prints and objects. Contributed to him reaching artistic maturity and definitively subjugating reality to freedom of a style. Driven by restlessness. Rogério dias builds his birds. Alone or by the dozens. In sequential modules and transforms them into critical interlocutors of reality.

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Passive or aggressive expressed by vigorous and well-defined forms or in quick brushstrokes just suggesting the forms, which are still recognizable, these signs intend, more than anything, to apprehend reality. It is from this perspective that the exemplary search for similarity undertaken Sri-Lanka Phone Number List by the artist in his work is perceived. What he seeks is an essential, not an imitative, resemblance. And if it is true that at each new era artists seek different strategies to advance towards reality, then similarity must always be reinvented in order to fulfill the function of art. The works of Rogério Dias, in large formats or in small and intimate compositions, at the same time that they enchant, they also intrigue, thus putting at the disposal of the observer the possibility of the aesthetic experience in its fullness.

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Prints and Paintings of His Career As

Maria Cecilia Araújo de Noronha, historian and art critic Text taken from the book “Pintores Contemporâneos do Paraná, volume 1”, Solar do Rosário, Curitiba, PR, in the 60’s are, in one way or another, linked to Aleart News these two groups: or are they still remnants of the key points of , the Engraving Course taught by Poty in 50, or Atelier Guido Viaro” highlights Adalice and continues “Although expressionism prevailed in the art of Paraná in the 1950s, while abstractionism prevailed in the 1960s, these artists follow the most varied trends.”, but emphasizes that .more important than the currents that these artists contribution to the integration of Art from Paraná to National Plastics.