Sales funnel what is it and how to set it up

If you have an online business, it makes perfect sense that you take advantage of every chance that is available to you to increase your conversion rate and, consequently, your profits. For you to be able to do it successfully, it is important that you know in detail how your potential customer’s purchase journey works and that you know how to impact them throughout it, in the most correct way. In this article, i want to introduce you to a tool that completely changed the sales funnel i use on my website and that was responsible for increasing my customers’ average ticket – cartflows . If you have your website hosted on wordpress, you really can’t miss this plugin that will quickly become your secret but first.

What is a sales funnel

It’s important to start with the basics, so you can understand how you can use cartflows for the benefit of your business. Index what is a sales funnel? Top of the sales funnel middle of the sales funnel sales funnel background Malta Phone Number List cross-selling, up-selling e down-selling what is cross selling? What is upselling? What is down-selling? How to apply up-selling, cross-selling and down-selling strategies in your business? What is cartflows? Cartflows features do i create a sales funnel with cartflows on my website? What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is the path that the potential customer takes, from the first contact with your business to the completion of the purchase.

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Middle of the sales funnel

During this path your customer will go through different phases, which reveal how close he is to actually making the purchase. For example, someone who has only just discovered your work is not as ready to buy as someone who already follows you on social media and/or has already Aleart News subscribed to your newsletter. The sales funnel helps you understand exactly these different stages and define how you can impact these people at each stage in the most effective way possible. The sales funnel is typically divided into three distinct phases: the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. Top of the sales funnel in this first stage of the funnel, the user is still gaining awareness of their need.

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