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As we mentioned above both for good commercial management to take place. As well as for the sales team to bring good results. It is essential to look beyond. What we mean is that the integration of sales with marketing . Research and advertising is essential so that strategies and actions are aligned with the customer’s history in the company. Or. In the case of new customers. So that from the moment he interacts. All departments are already connected. Once this part is understood. It is necessary for you to understand and put into practice the following thought as soon as possible: physical customer is different from digital customer . Like this? The customer who frequents the physical store is different from the digital one. They have different ways of interacting with your brand. This is mainly due to the means by which they make contact.

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Digital leads potential customers – are practical. Expect to hear back about a question or quote. In most cases. Within 24 hours and want to receive their products/services quickly and comfortably. The customer who goes to the physical store. Usually analyzes the options for a longer period and usually takes longer to make a decision. And why Iceland Phone Number List is there this difference? On the internet. The lead has already looked for other options and analyzed your competitors before reaching you. When making the first contact. He is ready and needs your product/service to solve a problem immediately or wants to know some more points that he was unable to discover on the internet. The physical store customer. On the other hand. Often goes to the store with something in mind. But because they do not know the options they will find there. It can take a long time to choose.

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And why is there this difference

However we cannot forget to mention omnichannel customers . These “walk” between the physical and digital and expect to find no barriers to choose a product on the website and pick it up in store or choose in store and request delivery at home. So basically you need to understand that we can work with three clients: fully physical customer which is becoming Aleart News increasingly scarce digital customer (one who may have already been a customer who goes to the physical store. But today seeks to do everything online) omnichannel customer (has probably already “experienced” both environments and feels good about buying products and acquiring services through different contact channels of a brand before making the purchase.