SE Mrush: Analyze your competition with the best SEO tool

Hi! In this article you will discover SEMrush , one of the most complete online Marketing tools on the market. It will allow you to analyze your competition, better position your website, get ideas for your campaigns in Google Adwords … countless features that can multiply your website traffic and your business figures.


Updated SEMrush tutorial , published in 2021. We will go into maximum detail, with practical examples and you will be able to access an exclusive 14-day free trial (link at the end of the post) to use one of the most powerful tools on the market at no cost.

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What is Rushmore?
It is difficult to summarize in a few words, but we will try: It is a tool that, thanks to the 伯利兹电话号码表 millions of data it captures in search engine results and through its own web crawler, allows us to do brutal analysis of keywords , SEO , SEM , traffic … both from our own websites and those of the competition.

SemRush was founded in 2008, by a small group of IT and SEO experts brought together with a single mission: To make online competition fairer and more transparent, with the same opportunities for everyone. Watch out for your data: 6 physical offices, more than 500 employees in 4 countries, 4 million users and 500 million domains in its database.

We are going to see the different sections and tools of the solution.

Overview – Dashboard SEMrush
The first thing we see when entering the tool is a control panel that summarizes the main data of the projects that we have configured. We will talk about this shortly. The main element that we find is a search bar in which they suggest us to enter a url, a keyword or a domain to analyze .
Here you can see and test it, if you want to see the entire domain enter it without https or https:

Domain Analysis – The Best SEO Tool
The first big block of SEMrush . Here we can analyze the traffic and details of organic and paid positioning in Google of the domain in question. Let’s try the Amazon Spain website :

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Semrush Tutorial
Semrush domain overview
In Organic Search it tells us that it has more than 9 million keywords positioned in the top 100 of Google and right below it calculates the investment that it would cost us to bring this traffic or if we had to do it through paid search engine campaigns (SEM) . Not a negligible figure, right?

Then we can see the Semrush Ranking , a ranking similar to that of Alexa, the smaller the number the better.

The same type of data for paid search (Rushmore gives us brutal information on this section 警报消息 to analyze our competitors ), the number of back links or inbound links, as well as data on back links / inbound links and display advertising information.

The tool also presents us with a series of graphics:

Geographical distribution of organic keywords (“free” ones)
Geographical distribution of paid keywords
And a graph with the visibility evolution of the domain during the last 2 years
Surely you can already start to get an idea of ​​the potential of all this … because this has only started ?

Here is a video summary of the SEO part of which can be useful:

SEMrush Organic Research
In this area we can see the organic positioning of the domain in search engines, being able to select from more than 140 countries, and differentiating by the positions shown on desktop and mobile devices, which are increasingly different.

Depending on the version of SEMrush contracted, we can filter by dates (the database is updated once a day). We are going to see 2 of the main screens, this is pure gold:

guide semrush
Top keywords that drive the most traffic to the domain
It shows us:

Position in Google
Traffic %: Volume over the total organic traffic generated by the keyword in question
KD %: Calculation of the difficulty to position the term in Google, it is an indicator of competition.
CPC : Indicative cost for this keyword in SEM.
URL: Url of the specific page positioned by the keyword
SERP : If you click on the icon you will be able to see a screenshot of the snippet (search result) in Google
Last update of the data
In the second tab, «Position change» , we can see the evolution of the keywords in recent months. Being able to see how many have been gained, lost, improved, worsened … over time.

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In Organic Competitors we can see competing websites that are struggling to position similar keywords, it shows us how many Keywords they have positioned as well as traffic estimates.

One of the features that I like the most and use regularly in SEMrush is “Pages”. This list shows us the pages of the domain that are generating the most organic traffic . Let’s see Amazon:

better positioned pages

Typically, the page that generates the most traffic is the homepage by Brand search topics. The home of Amazon has positioned keywords 4000 in the top 100 Google at the time of writing.

For example, we can see some here from the Amazon home page. These are examples of monthly searches, total searches for the last 12 months divided by 12 .

Amazon: 16.6 million searches per month on
Amazon Premium: 40,500 per month
Amazon Books: 33,100
This information (in other more earthly cases) is invaluable, as it allows us to discover the SEO strategies of our competition.

Backlinks / Inbound links
There are tools like AHREFS better than Semrush for controlling links that point to our domain, but the truth is that in recent times the tool has taken a leap in quality and increasingly solves this need more and better.

The Backlinks section allows us to view most of the links that point to a domain . On a practical level it helps us to:

Know the backlink strategy of our competition
Know new links to our website or anyone
Detect possible negative SEO attacks
See details such as text of the links, strength of the links, countries of origin … information that will allow us to reorient (or not) our strategy to attract new links.
Competitor backlinks analysis

In the dashboard we can see very quickly, the number of links, from how many domain, the type of link (text, image …), follow or no follow.

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And then the link view with relevant info.

PS: PageScore , the “strength” or relevance of this page, SemRush index .
TS: Trust Score , trust level for this page
Link title and destination url
Anchor text
Number of internal and external links from the linking page
Seen for the first and last time
Disallow : this allows us to generate a disavow file for Search Console (inform Google which links we do not want it to take into account for our domain)
It allows us to know the anchor texts of the links. This will help us see if we are abusing certain words in our linking policy.

Referring Domains / Referring IPs
Know the root domains that point to a website, the IPs and reference countries.

Relevant information from the links of the websites that SEMRush considers organic competition.

Advertising Research – Google Adwords
Another must of this huge tool. We can analyze what any website is doing in search engine advertising.

What words are they paying for
In what position do they appear
Estimated cost per click, estimated total investment by keyword
Destination url
And other indicators discussed above.

But the best, see the ads!

Brutal truth? We can also know for each of them why keywords are activated.

We can also access what competitors are doing, the history of ads, pages that are generating more traffic in SEM (highly relevant information), subdomains … etc.

PLA Research – Google Shopping on SEMrush
Here we can discover the ads that are published on Google Shopping .

Semrush Guide

The same as what we saw a moment ago, but for the Shopping product list. Keywords that generate impressions for ADSs, ads, competitors, by date, by device, by country… a marvel .

Display Advertising
And here the Google display advertising, these annoying banners that chase us everywhere ?

We can collect a lot of information from the publication, also an approximation of the audience that is being impacted.

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