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Public content Favours older web pages The home screen has an inspiring image Ranks homepages instead of bogs Cons: Ad-heavy search result screens Forums get low ranks in search results Search slower compar to Google 3. Yippy Search Yippy results in the form of clouds instead of traditional search methods. If you are looking for other search engines besides Google, then Yippy search might be a good alternative. While other search engines are usually index by bots spider programs, you cannot locate Deep Web pages using traditional search. This is where Yippy search comes in. Yippy search is your ideal tool if you are looking for hidden information like offbeat news, academic research, many more.

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Therefore, it is one of the best search engines for privacy. Pros: Relat topics cloud on the results screen Undesirable websites are block Preview search results on the result screen Cons: The filtering process cannot be turn on Ad-support 4. Google Scholar Search Google Scholar Search is one of the best search engines for students. This is another special version Exit Phone Numbers of Google. If you are looking to win a debate, then this search engine has your back. It mainly focuses on academic materials which are hard to find anywhere else on the internet. Most of its contents have been put through scrutiny to ensure that they are of the best quality. Also, Google Scholar Search is the best search engine for students. Pros: Save sources to read later Ethical Design Co.

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