Secrets of Neuromarketing: How the repetition of messages influences purchase decisions

Who was going to tell medieval troubadours that they were actually marketing geniuses ahead of their time? And the thing is that one of the usual resources they used was to repeat words and constructions that were being included in the different verses. What they were achieving – although they did not know it because neuroscience had not yet been invented – was to make the brain more receptive to their message. And is that repetition is a grateful element to get a message to consumers, making them receive it better Albania Mobile Database. A study, carried out by two experts from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, and another from Bocconi University, Milan, analyzed the weight that repetition has had on songs that have become mass hits . The conclusion is very interesting and quite conclusive about the power of always hearing the same thing. Is repetition a key to success? Partly.

The study concluded on the one hand that the constant repetition of the lyrics makes it much easier to reach first place as the most popular song and, on the other hand, that it is easier for a song with these characteristics to enter its debut. in the list of the 40 most popular. In fact, you just have to think about the classic songs of the summer to see it in a tangible way. The lyrics of these songs are never very complicated and they also tend to use a message or words that are repeated repeatedly. But the conclusions of the study are not only used to establish what to do if you want to be the next great musical sales success, they also serve to understand how content can serve to conquer the consumer. And it is that why our brain reacts so well to repetition has many more applications. As explained in Neuroscience marketing , repetition has a direct effect on how our brain processes the message.

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That is, for the human brain the words that are repeated are much easier to process, especially when they are repeated sequentially (that is, exactly as happens in medieval poems). Not only does it cost less for the brain to decipher what they are trying to tell us, but also these messages tend to be their favorites (of course: if it costs less to understand it, we like it more since it requires less effort). When things are easier to understand, we subconsciously love them more Brother Cell Phone List. We not only love, we also choose The effects of repetition are not only limited to making our brain like some things or others more, but also have an effect on the decisions that consumers make. When something is easy to understand, we tend to prefer it over other things. And therefore this has a direct effect on purchasing decisions. A study has just analyzed how adding complications to a relationship between consumers and brand has a direct effect on purchasing decisions.

The tests they submitted to the candidates explored different domains. In one, for example, they gave him product descriptions either in easy-to-read fonts or in hard-to-read fonts. Those that were difficult to read had an effect on how the consumer ultimately chose one product (the other was preferred). But this is not the only study that has analyzed how the complication or simplicity of a message affects how we perceive things. There are also studies that show that simple and easy-to-pronounce names make us feel that a person is more trustworthy, to take another example. Does this mean that brands must indulge in a massive repetition of messages and elements to ensure that these reach the consumer and that they directly buy? It is not necessary to go to the extremes although it is true that certain issues can help the message reach the consumer sooner or better. Picking a brand name that is easy to say and using rhymes (you don’t have to be a poet, just create beats) can help spice things up.

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