Top 5 SEO Misses

In order to be easily found on Google, there are a number of technical points that your website must meet. In addition, of course, the content of your website applies and there are a lot of things outside your website that you can optimize to obtain better positions. However, there are also a number of things that can make you harder to find, without you even thinking about it. In this article I therefore share a number of factors that can negatively influence your position.

1. Above the fold ads

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Google issued an official press release on January 19, 2012, stating that websites that have a lot of ads above the fold will be tackled. The algorithm that determines the positions within the search engine will better Software Managers Email Lists scan websites for the presence of ads “above the fold”.

Research has shown that users find it annoying when they land on websites that are full of advertisements. Google has also stated that it will not penalize all websites and that placing above-the-fold ads is fine, but must be kept within proportions. I must confess that I, like many others, have my doubts about this action by Google. I certainly agree with them, but what are they going to do about the amount of ads on itself?

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2. Overkill of keywords

Using the right keywords in your texts is very important, but it doesn’t stop there. It is very important that the keywords are used correctly. An overkill of keywords can lead to a penalty and will therefore negatively affect your position. It is important to know that a ‘keyword density’ of about 5% is acceptable. Anything above that can quickly be marked as spam. Also pay attention to the titles and meta-descriptions on your website, because these also count in the count.

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