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Lighthouse To stay with Google for a while. Lighthouse from Google Chrome is indispensable during a technical SEO analysis. This is Google’s open source site speed utility. Lighthouse provides audits of performance, accessibility, web apps, SEO, and more. This Mexico B2B List tool makes it possible to perform an on-page audit directly without external parties or software . Google Chrome Lighthouse. Screaming Frog The Screaming Frog tool allows you to crawl a website, similar to how a Google spider would crawl a website. Let the tool crawl the website and Mexico B2B List then it shows various metrics such as 404 links, metadata, headers, alt texts, canonicals and pagespeed insights. You can connect the tool to various APIs such as Analytics, Ahrefs and Search Console. The free version allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs. Should this be a limitation for you, the paid version costs just £149 per year.

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Accept cookies Seo Site Checkup With SEO Site Mexico B2B List Checkup you can do a quick site audit without registering or signing up. The tool will report any issues found on the website, such as issues with images or render blocking . The tool provides tips for optimizations for speed, content and technique. It doesn’t provide as detailed a scan as Mexico B2B List Screaming Frog, but it does give a good idea of ​​the website’s health. SEO Site Checkup. Broken Link Checker If you just want to check the broken links on your website, you can use the Broken Link Checker . It shows the number of broken links, which they are and which page the broken link is on.

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You can scan up to 3000 URLs, but an unlimited Mexico B2B List of links. Broken link checker. Seobility Seobility is a good free website crawler. It shows you which meta titles or descriptions are missing or duplicate . But it also provides information about header tags, internal link structure and duplicate content issues. It sometimes has some limitations (because the sun rises for nothing), but it gives a good overview of the on-page SEO. The tool is similar to Screaming Frog. SEO. SEO Minion With SEO Minion , you can perform an on-page SEO analysis, check for Mexico B2B List broken links, preview the SERP and much more. The only drawback with this.