Should I bet on organic content or invest

In a very simple and practical way. Organic media is the one you don’t pay for. I mean For it to be done with quality you need a qualified professional to generate results through it. So it has a cost. Even if indirectly. However, Let’s take facebook as an example: remember when you made a post about your brand and just published it. Without putting any monetary value on it? And did this content generate some likes and comments? This is organic media. It’s when you can generate engagement and naturally arouse people’s interest in your content and your brand. In the title we’re talking about organic content and here we’re talking about organic media. But it’s the same thing. It is the one that you publish on the internet at no cost and an example of it is the blog post.

What is organic media

It is recommended that you have a website with a tab for your blog or a specific url address for it. There you can put content relevant to your persona (ideal customer) and. With that, Generate loyalty. Google search results should i bet on organic content or invest in paid are other search engines (yahoo. Bing) but google is the main Afghanistan Phone Number List keyword search tool. So. Does organic media also appear in it? Yes. But there are some important points for this to happen: the organic results that google presents on the first page this is because the first three or four results are paid; understand that in your market segment it is you and thousands of people who want to appear on the first page organically; how to appear on the first page of google? Have good planning and an excellent digital strategy.

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Advantages of organic media

Added to that create content that really solves your customers’ pain. Also. Educate them by offering rich and material information that contributes to their lives; the technique most used today to do this job of gradually attracting your customers. Offering important content along the way. Is known as inbound marketing. Advantages of organic Aleart News media that it is increasingly difficult to appear among the first results of google with organic content. This is nothing new. But, There are many benefits to using this type of strategy. As it adds value to paid media actions. Credibility; greater ease of customer loyalty; greater public engagement; when the brand appears in the first organic results. It shows authority on the subject; content brings results even long after; increases traffic to your website; what is paid media? Paid media are paid ads.