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Website resign, you should underst quantify your current SEO optimisation level. Not all pages on your website will be highly optimis, you should identify which pages are responsible for bringing in organic traffic. SEO optimisation levels can be identifi using either the ever-popular Google Analytics or other software such as Moz or SEM Rush. While recognising high ranking pages, these tools will also help you recognise which pages ne to be work upon ne improvement. Prior to launching your new website, you ne to check for any existing errors in your web pages.

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With the use of an SEO tool or application, you can identify any   errors prior to launching your new website. For such errors, you ne to incorporate a rirecting tool. However, if users find themselves on a page that no longer exists, you ne to create 404 pages that give users details about why this particular page doesn’t exist anymore them to another Kuwait Phone Number List page. Perform On-Page Optimisations & Set Goals By making use of Google Analytics, you can identify which keywords help your rankings organically which aren’t as useful. You can identify devise new keywords that could target your target audience in a better way.

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In addition to the above, you also ne to set SEO relat goals for your web strategy. Your goals should detail what your strategy is direct towards: whether you are looking to increase organic traffic to all web pages by 7% in comparison to the previous year, or whether you wish you increase traffic towards a certain web page, etc. Use What You Can Aleart News Instead of doing away with your old website completely, you can keep the old website or pages alive. Doing so would keep the website live (on a temporary address, of course) for your users also be a referral point for you in your website resign process. Additionally, developers often throw caution to the wind.

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