Niche Sites Method

The working method for these niche sites consists of writing a number of extensive, inspiring articles per week, link building through link or article exchange with web shops and blogs and writing 15 short articles per day (so-called landing pages), which are based on searches with the term ‘brocante’ or ‘nursery’ in it. It all comes down to the discipline of daily publishing. We see the searches for these terms thanks to the tool in the content management system (WordPress), they immediately form the title of the article to be written. You test, as it were, which searches deserve to write an extensive article about.

Shareable content method: 

I also spoke with Slaven Mandic of Wayne Parker Kent , the publisher of and . The latter site has 1.2 million visitors per month and will not be live until August 2010. I naturally asked them about the secret of successful growth. Shareable content was the answer, 80% would IT Directors Managers Email Lists be social traffic. But again, the discipline of publishing also emerged. Monique van Loon , editor-in-chief of , writes no fewer than 10 articles a day (with many large and beautiful images) and works a month in advance.

IT Directors Managers Email Lists

Shareable content method: 101

 months. A number of editors have been intensively involved with Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest for a year now . Because the editors interview and mention many bloggers, webshop owners and stylists in their magazine, they have a personal bond. Social media is the perfect place to maintain contact with these people and they do.

The content of the site is widely shared on social media, also by these webshops and bloggers who have quite a few followers. Posting a lot of messages on social media has a positive rather than negative effect for this magazine. More than 11% now reach the site via social channels, that is less than 5% for the other titles. That percentage is much higher for titles such as Grazia and LINDA.magazine.

Shareable content over web search?

In an article on Techcrunch about Google, Facebook, Privacy and You , the author claims that social search and shareable personal content will replace web search and page rank. There was quite a lot of comment on that. Rightly so. Because both have different purposes and uses. So they will both continue to exist for a while.

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