Six days to go Exit advertising is prohibited

Exit is called the propaganda carried out by electoral cables and. Other activists on election day with the aim of promoting and. Asking for votes for a particular candidate, candidate or political party. The definition of the term is listed in the electoral glossary, available for consultation on the superior electoral court (tse) portal. At the outset, it is important to know that this conduct – which aims to convince the person to vote for a specific party or candidacy and try to make the electorate change their minds regarding political convictions – constitutes an electoral crime. The offense is provided for in the law on elections (law no. 9,504/1997) and in tse resolution no. 23,610, which defines the rules for electoral propaganda.

On the Election Date People

Pause unmute current time 0:14 / duration 0:30 fullscreen on october 2nd and 30th, dates of the first and possible second round of the election, respectively, whoever is caught practicing exiting the poll is subject to the penalty of detention, which can vary from six months to one year, with the alternative of providing community service and a Romania Phone Number List fine of up to r$ 15,961.50. And attention: these penalties can be applied both to voters and to representatives of parties or candidates. Other prohibitions in addition to exiting the ballot box. Any act that characterizes a collective demonstration. With or without the use of vehicles, is prohibited until the end of voting hours. The list of prohibitions also includes the formation. Of agglomerations of people wearing patterned clothes.

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Containing the Clothing Should Also

The use of loudspeakers and sound amplifiers, as well as the promotion of a rally or motorcade. Silent demonstration is allowed on the election date, the individual and silent manifestation of the voter or voter by a particular political party, coalition, candidate or candidate is allowed Aleart News and can be done through the use of flags, pins, badges and stickers. However, it is important to avoid agglomerations. As they are vetoed until the end of the voting time, which runs from 8 am to 5 pm. Rules for civil servants, poll workers and party inspectors both electoral justice employees and polling station. Officials who are in the polling stations, as well as the counting boards. Are prohibited from wearing clothes and objects that contain any party. Coalition and candidate or candidate propaganda.