Size of images and videos in Social Networks 2019

We are increasingly clear how important it is to show a good image so that our users and customers remember us, right? Well, this should not be related only to the fact of getting the perfect logo or having merchandising that we can deliver to the attendees of the events we organize or of which we are in some way part, it goes much further.

The branding brand is everything that identify and help the user remember who we are. It is a matter of small details that make our corporate image look good. Among all of them are the images that we show on social networks.

Size of images and videos on Social Networks in 2019
How many times have you seen profiles of personal / professional brands or companies whose logo does not look good or where the phrase that appears in the header image 意大利电话号码表 is cut off? They are small details that make us give an unprofessional brand image and that is very easy to avoid if we have the necessary tools to make our images meet the key requirements to appear on our social networks:

Quality images for both their content and their weight. A quality image will not be pixelated when scaled to the size required for a cover, for example.
Images adapted to the correct measurements to prevent them from appearing cut off.
Images optimized so they don’t weigh too much.
What are the measures that our images should have according to the social network in which we want to publish our content?

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On Facebook it is important to know that the profile image is displayed in a circular way. In the case of being a company, the most recommended is to show the logo, while if you interact as a personal brand it is better that you show your face.

Whatever your case, it is necessary that you adapt them and keep in mind that the corners of the image will not be shown, hence the need to center the image well and give it the appropriate size. However, the social network shows you a preview before being published.

The main measures to take into account in this network are:

Profile image: 180 x 180 px

Header / Cover Image: 851 x 315 px (Video is also supported)

Image in publication: 1,200 x 900 px

Square image on post: 1,200 x 1,200 px

Linked Image: 1,200 x 628 px. The social network usually shows a preview of the featured image 警报消息 of the content that you are going to share. In the event that what you want is not shown or does not do it correctly, you can choose to upload the image directly.

Image for stories: 1,080 x 1,920 px

Facebook offers many more possibilities to take into account, especially if you are interested in promoting your publications and running Ads on this network. For this reason, I have prepared a summary table for you where you can find other very interesting measures:

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This is a network whose main content is the image, so you have to take special care of it. In addition, it is a network that is in full growth, that is gaining more and more followers and that is gaining prominence among brands that have wanted to reach a younger audience (although lately people who only found on Facebook are creating new profiles) . It is a network to take into account if you want to carry out advertising campaigns.

You know, if your goal is to promote your business on this network, you should take into account not only the content but the image you publish with it. Some aspects that we have to bear in mind are: that they have sufficient quality, that they attract attention and that they are adapted to avoid the user losing important visual information.

Although in its beginnings this network only allowed to publish images in square format and a single image per publication, for a long time it has allowed the publication of horizontal images, and vertically and several images in the same publication.

The main measures to take into account in this network are:

Profile image: 110 x 110 px (Although it usually adapts the Facebook profile image without problem since the format is still square and the dimensions are not exceeded excessively).

Horizontal Image: 1,080 x 566 px

Square Image: 1,200 x 1200 px

Vertical Image: 1,080 x 1,350 px

Image for stories: 1,080 x 1,920 px

When making advertisements, you should not make much more effort to adapt as this network admits the same measures as if they were organic publications (not paid). However, I leave you a summary table for you to see and save.

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Whats App
As you know, Whats App belongs to the same owner as Facebook and Instagram, but at the moment it is much simpler since there are only two image formats to share:

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