Cautious Effect at Smaller Shops

However, a cautious effect can be seen in making the somewhat ‘smaller’ shops in Google’s search results more visible if they allow their shop to scale well on mobile and tablet. The image below shows this with regard to the search term ‘personal injury lawyer’. Here you can see a clear shift from position 3 before the mobile-friendly update and position 1 after the update.

The mobile-friendly site has moved up in Google’s search results.

Bing goes for more relevance

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Bing, on the other hand, has announced that it will display a little more balance in its search results. This means that Bing webshops will not always pay because they are not mobile-friendly. When a visitor types in a certain Board Members Email List search term, the search results will also show non-mobile-friendly webshops if this search term is more relevant than the relevant search term for mobile-friendly webshops. A big difference compared to what Google says about this!

Board Members Email List

Test your site’s mobile friendliness

After Google, Bing will also come up with a site where you can see whether your webshop meets the Bing requirements for mobile-friendly sites. Here you have to submit the url of your webshop and then Bing will advise whether or not your shop is mobile-friendly. This is the website where you can see if your shop is mobile friendly for Google .

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Be prepared

As mentioned, you should not underestimate the importance of this update. The non-mobility of your website or shop can cause a drastic drop in traffic, with a major impact on the conversion rate. It is important that visitors can easily navigate and that the pages on your site are easy to read. It is expected that in the future more and more value will be attached to the mobile-friendly of your website. There will come a time when non-mobile friendly websites and web shops will always be penalized.