So Sweet! Husband picks up wife caught in the rain at the Koran, makes mothers excited

Love and affection for a partner can be shown in various ways Both in speech and behavior. 

Behave sweet to your partner even though it is simple but can show love and affection. Recently, there was a lot of activity on social media, a video of a so sweet moment when a husband picked up his wife who was caught in the rain at the study site . 

The so sweet moment was immortalized by the couple’s son in a Tikor video uploaded to his girl_jelata account. The video was re-uploaded to the memekamvret Instagram account.

“The definition of choosing the right life partner

 wrote the memekamvret account as a description of the upload as quoted by, Sunday

The video recording shows the atmosphere of the study that has been completed. This study was attended specifically for women. 

The recitation which is held  Venezuela Phone Number regularly every Tuesday night attracts attention. A man came to the study while wearing an umbrella. 

Apparently it was raining heavily at that time which made the recitation guests trapped there. This man came to a women’s study to pick up his beloved wife. 

He seemed to be waiting for his wife to approach him near the tent pole. He then gave an umbrella for his wife so they could go home together without getting rained on. 


Moment So Sweet.

The husband and wife immediately went home together leaving the place of study. Meanwhile, the mothers who attended the study were made excited. 

They were excited about this husband’s romance to his wife. The husband was the only man who wanted to pick up his wife there. 

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Until this article was compiled

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, the video has already received 226,000 views on reels and 11.2 thousand likes. The comments column for the video upload was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens . 

“Back and forth, mother scolded each other,” commented a netizen.

“Making husbands from one village get scolded by their respective wives,” said another.

“Where are your husbands, mothers,” said another.

“They laugh but their hearts are actually jealous because of the harmony of father,” said another.

“Those who are single are nervous,” another netizen responded.